Spa Theme GAMES for summer season kitty parties.
1). Take out the prints of shown picture and distribute one paper to each lady of the group. Now ask them to write alphabets from a-z and numbers from 1-26 on pictures shown. Give them a message like ” I love spa day”. Now what they have to do is add up the numbers assigned to these letters. Like to I+L+o+V+E+S+P+A+D+A+Y

Spa theme kitty games

Spa theme kitty party games

The member whose total will be the highest will win the game.

Intresting game, ladies enjoy it.

2). Play housie on the picture as shown in image. Options in this are face spa, I need manicure, I need pedicure, I need make over, for full house say I love spa day.

Spa theme kitty party games

3). On an A4 size sheet write alphabets from A to Z. Ask members to write the cosmetic brand name starting with that alphabet. Lady who write maximum correct in one minute win the game. For example-
A- avon
B- bobby brown
C- Chanel
D- Dior
E- Estée Lauder
G- givenchy
H- …………………..


Play all these games and enjoy the spa theme kitty party.

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