In this summer season keys give a sigh of spa theme kitty party to your ladies. A very intresting and funny theme for your kitty party. All ladies will love to attend this theme.

Decoration can be made by placing folded towels in a tray. Light up some candles. Make a relaxing and soothing decoration by lighting candles, aromatic fragrance, calm music. All ladies will really live it. On the entrance place a big terracotta bowl filled with pebbles and flowers.
Play music that relaxes and de-stresses you with a slow tempo.

1). Tambola can be made easily at home. Host can either make cutouts of candles, aromatic oil bottles, bath robe, nail paint bottle.
Options can be manicure, pedicure, hair spa, foot massage, hand massage, full body spa

2). Punctuality game can be played with printable find spa words in one minute. Give one paper to each punctual lady and when time starts ask them to open the page and find the words written in paper. Lady who find maximum words in one minute win the game.

3). In a bath tub put some pebbles and flowers and fill it half with water. Now ask each lady to come one by one, relax on chair and put potato or cucumber slice over her eyes. Tell them to take out maximum pebbles out of water using her foot only, in a tray kept adjacent to the tub. Lady who take maximum in set time limit win the game.

4). Find and Write maximum things that are being used in a spa and present in the party room.

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