Ladies come and let’s beat the heat with this super-fun, super-sweet party that will have all the ladies craving for more. Best theme for summers.



Decorate your house with balloons and streamers, it is an easy and inexpensive way to make the kitty party look colorful and exciting. One can add a few balloons and hand made ice cream cones on walls.


Party invitations Hand made cards are the best and show the importance of the guests.
Cards bought from market can often give a feeling of impersonal. So give your invitation cards a truly personal touch….

image image


Attire ladies can wear colorful clothes with Ice creams accessories.



1. you roll a die and make a real ice cream sundae. Divide the ladies in two teams and provide each team with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, topping, cherries.

For making a dice: one can use a plain wooden block , permanent marker, write instructions 1-6 on all sides

(Or use a regular die and just print out instructions 1-6 on a piece of paper for all to see.) If you roll a 6, you follow the directions for number 6.
-Put a cherry on top,

-Add some chocolate syrup,

-All pass bowl to the left,

-Pick the sundae you want,

-Put whipped cream on top,

-Add one topping you like,

Each team starts out with a bowl of ice cream. Set a timer for 3 to 5 minutes (play quickly as ice cream tends to melt). Take turns rolling the dice and follow the directions.

2Blindfold taste party
Play a Guess the Flavor game by making ladies blindfold and then tasting the ice cream. Lady who tells maximum right flavours will be the winner.





3. Things required:- rubber ducks, kids pool with water, fishing net
Hostess need to place 9-10 rubber ducks in a kids pool with water. Before putting them in water write numbers on the bottom of the duck with marker and in one minute time ask the ladies to take out maximum ducks with the help of fishing net. Points will be according to the numbers written at the bottom of each duck.

Summer theme kitty party games
Hostess can write negative numbers also for making this game a luck game. Negative marks also make the game more exciting too.

4. Ice cream cone with scoops Give members half round brown hard paper, stapler, few crushed color papers. As shown in pic. Group who makes maximum in 3 min time will be the winner.


5.  Tambola tickets can be made in the shape of ice cream cone or ice cream cup. As shown in pic.

image image image

Themed gifts

Gifts can be engraved bowls or mugs that guests can take home. Other great ideas are ice cream cone shaped cookie cutters, ice cream cone bubbles or pens, a sundae glass, or an ice cream scoop.

Be the cooooooolest one!!!