• Summer kitty party games and tambola
  • 1. Spy game
    Get the print out of the following picture according to the number of members.
    Host need to fold all the papers and ask members not to open it until time start.

    Once you distribute the papers to all the members instruct them to find the number of each item and write down it at given place. Lady who count and write correct numbers on 40 seconds win the game.
    For example- first pic in given page is bikini-panty: members need to count it and write there number. It is 6.; second pic is sand castle: answer is 7; third pic is camera: answer is 3; fourth is ice cream cone: answer is 9; and so on….

    Lady who get maximum correct win the game and prize.

    2. In this game host need to give the given picture below to each member individually and ask them to write bollywood song with that picture name in that song line or that image shown in that song.

    Note: it is not necessary the thing name in starting of song it can be anywhere in the song. Member need to write that line with thing name. For example, first image is sun; song can be suraj hua maddham : second image is under water glasses; third is hat or topi; song can be ‘tirchi topi waale’: fourth is nariyal paani; ‘le le baabu nariyal paani’: Fifth is fish or machli; song is ‘ machli jal ki raani jai’ : sixth is Samunder or sea; song is saat Samunder paar mein tere peeche peeche aa gai’ seventh is watermelon or tarbooj; ‘dil hai ki maanta nahin’ and so on…..

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