Beginning of summers, let’s Celeberate this season with joy and enthusiasm in our kitty parties.

Tambola ticket can be made easily on hand made fans as shown in image. This tambola ticket has been made by one of our valuable reader.

Write numbers on these fans and make different options accordingly.
Options can be early five, first five numbers, middle numbers and last 5 numbers written on fan.
You can keep 2 full houses too.

Game 2. Ask your members to write maximum bollywood songs that include word “garmi”, pankha, paani, in it. For example – 1. Suraj ki garmi se
2. Blue hai Paani paani …..

Game3. Put sand and a lot of things in a look through bottle. Things like beads, buttons, stones. In a minute ask each member to see and write the things they can see in the bottle. Lady who find out maximum things in 1 minute win the game.

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