Making Under water creatures using paper plates

All kids love to make little fish with there little hands, so here we are showing you a simple way of making fish with the help of paper plates, chart paper, scissors, gum, colours and pens.

1). Just cut the paper plate as shown in the pic for making mouth of the fish.
2). For making her tail just cut the chart paper in any shape you want and paste it as shown.
3). Cut small circles in different colors for sticking them on the body of fish.
4). Use black pen for making eyes of the fish.
5). For making a female fish cut chart paper in the shape of bow. And paste it on the head of fish.
6). Cut coloured sheets in flower shape, cap , crown and stick them on head of different fishes.



You can take different size paper plates for making small and big fishes.
Ladies good news is that you can use these fishes in your under water theme party decoration.
Fun craft for kids can be used as decoration material in any party.
Enjoy making this craft with your kids as this is useful for party mothers too…….



Under water theme kitty party for summers is best. Use these beautiful paper plate fishes in your decoration while organising under water theme kitty party.