Under the sea

Under the sea
When the sardine
Begin the beguine
It’s music to me
So come and join party with me
Under the sea
Under the sea

Have you ever thought about how much we know about the life under the sea? How beautiful it is and how much important it is for earth. To see a life under the sea come and enjoy the Under the sea theme party. There are so many kind of animals under the seas. Let’s ladies come and have a party uner the sea.
1). One can use blue transparent cellophane wrap sheets on the walls for making impression of being underwater.
2). Scatter seashells around the party room.

Underwater theme party table decoration
3). Put a bubble machine in the corner of the room.
4). Hang plastic toy fish, or papers raft fishes from the ceiling using clear fishing line.
5). Place blue and green colour balloons in party room.

6). Cover the tables with blue tablecloths and decorate them with sand, faux pearls and seashells.
7). In available one can use stuffed toys of sea animals like, fish, crab, sea horse.

Under water kitty party decoration idea
8). Use cut out giant fish shapes and starfish shapes of coloured paper for hanging on the walls of the party room. Make a table centerpiece by using kids bath toys and colour paper cut outs of ocean animals. As shown in pic.

Underwater theme kitty party decoration

9). One can make ocean waves, wrist bands or put them on water glasses on table using blue paper sheets. Paste ocean animal sticker on each band, for making it more beautiful.

Underwater theme wrist bands for guests

Underwater theme party wrist bands for guests

Keep some blue colour mock tail drinks.
Veg. Sizzler
Fruit punch,
Veg cutlets
Veg Chinese can also be a good choice

Dress code
Green and blue colour code is best in attire for underwater party theme. Ladies can wear something in flares too.



1). Crab walk race
Before the party, mark two goal lines across from each other using string or masking tape.
The goal lines should be fairly close together (i.e. no more than 20 feet apart). Divide the ladies into two or 3 teams depending on the number of members. Put 4-5 members in one team. Now hostess need to tie left leg of all 5 members of one team altogether.( like 3 leg race this will be 6 leg race). Similarly tie all teams legs. Now on start, all teams need to run with tied legs towards the goal line. Team who reaches first wins the race and game. Ladies don’t panic and run with precaution. Don’t fall. Interesting game!
2). Shark Out Of Water Relay Race
Cut blue and gray shark shapes from tissue paper. Use masking tape to mark two goal lines in the playing area about 15 feet apart. Make all ladies stand up along the goal line. Give each lady a straw, and place a tissue paper shark at each lady’s feet. To start, the ladies need to bend down with the straw in their mouth and pick up the tissue sharks by sucking it to the end of the straw. Once a lady picks up her shark, they can run for the finish line being careful to maintain suction on the straw so the shark doesn’t fall off the end. If a shark drops, the lady need to attach it again before running ahead. The lady who finish with the shark still attached to the end of their straw wins the race.

3). Making shell necklace
Hostess need to arrange some shells with small holes (one can purchase shells with holes already from a craft store), scissor, string of about 20″ length. Give each lady a string and at least one shell already in it. Give at least 15 shells to each lady. Now Let the ladies put the shells in string as fast as they can. The lady who put all given shells and then tie the ends to close the necklace wins the game.
4). Shell hunt game
Ladies need to gather the shells, and ask them to make flowers using 6shells with the collected shells. Lady who make flower with maximum petals in it, will be the winner.

5). Tambola game.
Can be made with craft paper. Crab bite, Got 5 star on star fish, pearls and shells are mine, stuck in sea weed, Full house can be Ocean is mine.

Underwater kitty party party theme tambola ticket

6). Word search game.
This game can be played as punctuality game. Give all members the print sheets, and in one minute time ask them to search maximum ocean related words. Lady who seaches maximum words wins the game.

Under water kitty party print game

7). Luck game – Arrange some sea shells, marbles and colourful beads and write random numbers from 0-9 on all the sea shells. Take a big bowl and keep those sea shells, beads and marbles in the bowl. Now ask ladies to play one by one and in one chance they need to grab as many sea shells as possible with one hand. Now take those beads, marbles and sea shells in another bowl and count the numbers written on sea shells grabbed by the lady. Lady with highest total number sum will be the winner of game.

Underwater theme party games

Gift envelops can be made in the shape of sea animals.
As shown in the below picture. One can make these colourful creatures very easily using craft paper. I have made all the below myself and with no extra effort. So ladies what are you waiting for, plan your next kitty on my new underwater kitty party theme idea.