If you want to give a feel of traditional indian village to your girls then go for a Village theme kitty party idea. This theme is really a fun theme, all girls enjoy this party theme. Ask your ladies to dress up in traditional attires with modernity. It is a real fun.

Ask your ladies to wear traditional attire with modern touch. Instead of proper lehanga, they can wear long frill skirts with short tops and modern jewellery like anklets, bangles, long necklace..etc…. Be a modern gain ki chhori…..


Make your party room as an Indian village through your decorations.
1. Use bold colors such as gold, red, blue and yellow in satin, silk or brocade fabric to cover chairs and walls.
2. Add embellished accent pillows to couches, chairs and floors.
3. Use gold accents in flatware and napkins or the tablecloth and table decorations.
4. Elephants are a traditional Indian symbol; place elephant statues and pictures around the party area and on tables.
5. Put painted clay pots in one corner.
6. One can also use lanterns for decoration.

Village theme kitty party decoration


1. Shifting marbles using foot – hostess need to arrange many marbles of different sizes and two plates. Keep the marbles in one plate and place one empty plate at some 2-3 feet away from first plate. Ladies then has to shift the marbles from one plate to another by picking it using her foot fingers. The time limit for this game is one minute; the lady who shifts maximum marbles in one minute wins the game.

2). Prepare some crafts that relate to Indian culture. Buy beads and the necessary tools from the craft store so guests can make their own jewelry. Decorating pottery, weaving baskets or stamping homemade cards are also be fun activities for guests. Buy plain-colored scarves and have guests use fabric paints to personalize them. Making candles is also a traditional Indian craft.


3). Sing Bollywood village language songs. Divide the ladies in 2-3teams depending on the number of ladies. In this game teams need to sing the songs in village language, like Rangeelo Maro Dholna, khaiyke paan banaras waala, Pallo Latke, beedi jalai le.etc. The team who sings max songs is the wins the game.
4). Pot decoration – Give small clay pots to all members and ask them to decorate them neatly and beautifully. Hostess need to provide glue and some pot decorating mirrors, laces. Hostess will decide the winner of the game.

5). Tieing ribbons. Divide the ladies in groups of 3-4. Give 5 ribbons to each lady. Ask them to tie maximum ribbons to each other’s hair. Team who tie maximum ribbon in her teammates hair wins the game.

6 ). Slip game – गाय, झोपड़ी, तालाब, चौपाल, कुँआ, चूल्हा,़़़ बैल, बकरी, दिया, ……hostess need to make 4 slips of each word and fold them. Now all ladies will get 4 slips each. They have to make collection of 4 same word slips by passing one slip to next lady sitting beside her. Lady who get all same slips first wins the game.


7). Tambola game is the heart of every kitty. Let’s play it with handmade tambola ticket. Very easy to make and create a lot of amusement among girls playing with it. Here I have tried to make a village props in kitty party tambola ticket. There is one hut, well and clay pot. Options are hut, well and matki. On hut girls has to say ” meri झोपड़ी बन गई”, for well ” मेरे कुएँ में पानी भर गया” for matki “मेरी मटकी छलक गइ” house full say ” meta chappar phat Gaya” one can keep one number on bucket in well also and say “Maine paani bhar lia”
It is a real fun, amazing game.

Village theme kitty tambola ticket
Kitty party hostess can go for traditional food depending on the state in which she is living. Like for Punjab one can keep maki ki roti sarson ka saag, for Rajasthani daal baati churma, for andhra one can keep daal bhaat rasam, similarly others can keep the food according to there state traditional food.

Village theme a Great theme for kitty party and birthday party.