Wedding theme kitty party
Dress code can be saree or lahanga

Decoration do as in weddings with flower bouquets , ribbons, net cloth.

Games for games divide members in two teams like ladka wala ladki wala.

1. Give marigold flower mala to each member abd ask them to stand in at a specific distance. Put chairs in front of members so that they could not cross the specified distance. Now ask both team members to throw mala to each other and the team that put maximum maalas in there members head win the game.

2. In this game host can hide male shoes some where in restaurant and ask all kitty members to go and hunt for the shoes, who ever find it their team wins.
3. In ladies sangeet, write some words on slips. Words like dil, pyar, etc…. ask teams to take one slip write as many bollywood songs as they can in one minute time on that word.
4. This game can be played in a tub full of colored water. Put a finger ring with lot of pebbles and coloured stones in it. Ask both the team members to send there one member for playing the game. Ask her to find the ring from the tub of coloured water. Member who gets the ring in least time wins the game.

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