Recently we played a whats app theme kitty party. It was really a great fun. Here is a game i want to share with all of you. It is a written game in which host need to get print outs of the shown picture according to the number of members.

Host will announce the questions and members will put right and wrong in front of each. If the thing is present in member’s own mobile put right otherwise no. At last all members will exchange there paper with member sitting bedide them. Member whose total will become maximum win the game.
For example first is a selfie – if u have a selfie of your own in mobile u get 1 point; second is a video, if it is present u get another 1 point; third is if u have saved a contact starting with letter ‘w’ u get another 1 point; fourth is facebook app on your mobile; instagram app on your mobile; sixth is instagram app and so on….

Host can change these questions according to her own choice. Like host can ask ‘members who 70+ apps on her mobile’; ‘member who have no facebook app on her mobile’- keep this option with more points then your fourth option.

This game is really very intresting with funny items.

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